Corsley Screens

These are three screens which were commisioned for The Corsley Centre, Corsley, Wiltshire. The designs reflect the local history and geography of the area and compliment the Victorian ex- school building in which they now reside.

Of course this commission was a bit of a dream job for me with all the available victorian and medieval references available. The hexagons reflected the shapes of the encaustic tiles in the church floor next door and of course reference honeycomb and bees, a popular victorian symbol of industry. The bee is also a necessary collaborator for any farmer in an agricultural area. The white horses of Wiltshire and the ever changing patterns of crop circles found in the fields in nearby Cley hill -from which they can be viewed- were also a fortuitous gift.  I was asked to limit my colour pallet but to include some gold which resulted in the four colour prints you see below.

All three images were screen printed onto a heavy canvas and then put on stretchers , approximately 1m x 2m.

3rd corsley screen

corsley horses

corsley children