Chateau Savennes

I found this free standing screen in the attic of the chateau depicted in this pattern which used to belong to a member of my family, in the Auvergne region of France.

The rather creepy doll featured, was also found in the attic and the wasps had made several nests in the recesses of the shuttered windows.  It’s a very agricultural area so I wanted to include a tractor and found my drawing of the wasp nest also looked like the furrows of a ploughed field.  The other patterns are taken from the cathedral in nearby Clemont Ferrand.   I particularly wanted to feature the iconic rose window and give a sense of the awe-inspiring mountains with the other patterns . And it wouldn’t be the Auvergne without reference to the lakes. 

I draw inspiration from traditional decorative periods of interior design and architecture . This pattern was designed as a modern take on the popular Toile designs originally produced in Ireland in the mid-18th Century which quickly became popular in Britain and France.
green chateau