Un-stuffed and Quilted

hex quilt

This is my latest quilt which I have actually reconstructed from it’s original form as an enormous hand stitched pollen ball which you can see under the Textile Projects drop down menu in the Second Impressions section.
hex quilt back

Backed in a shimmery hand dyed bamboo and silk mix fabric. It measures just over 200cm by 65cm. The patches are a combination of hand dyed fabrics , cotton velvets, linen and linen and silk mix,  shantung silk and some digitally printed cotton pieces. I have also screen printed bees and hexagon shapes on some patches using a mixture of different coloured heat transferred flock and gold pigment.

The original piece was inspired by an article about french honey farmers, discovering that their bees were foraging in the unlikely waste vats of unused brightly coloured sugar syrup from a nearby M+M factory. This was effecting the colour of their honey which was tinged blue and green.

This idea that honey is the result of many bees foraging from many different sources seemed to lend itself to a patchwork of different colours and textures. The digitally printed pieces  of patchwork are sewn together to form  flower like forms  within the hexagonal  framework.

New Stencilled and Painted section

italian mural I’ve  recently added a new menu to my website   Painted and Stencilled which includes some examples of my mural and stencilling work, recent and past.  I am hoping that this will make more transparent the range of products and services I can now offer.

This includes : my own products which can in turn be customised, alongside a service of   bespoke printed textiles, painted and stencilled murals for many surface applications. Please take a look and see !

Shaun on the Cob

Shaun on the Cob Left Three Quarters

Believe it or not this is also the work of my own hands. Those years at college doing an illustration degree and all those other years working as a scenic painter came in handy again. I got out my brushes and wood graining tools again and found I still knew how to do it.

After Gromitunleashed‘s fantastic success two years ago with the trail in Bristol and the subsequent auction which raised thousands of pounds for the Bristol Children’s hospital . I was thrilled to have my design selected  be part of this years trail Shaun in the City. It starts today and mine and 70 other individually designed and painted Shauns can be found at different locations around the city until 31st August. You can download an app or pick up a map and start counting sheep! My Shaun is tethered outside Marks and Spencers in Broadmead as they have kindly sponsored him .

Both flocks of Shauns will go to auction later in the year, with funds raised from the 70 Bristol sculptures going to The Grand Appeal, the Bristol Children’s Hospital Charity and funds raised from the 50 London sculptures benefitting Wallace & Gromit’s Children’s Charity, supporting children in hospitals across the UK.

It’s a fantastic thing to be involved in and it’s already creating such a buzz in Bristol.

Queen bee chair

queenbee chair 2I’m really looking forward to next weeks Contemporary Craft Festival in Bovey Tracey  where I’ll be exhibiting with some of my Crafts Council Hothouse 5 contemporaries !

I will be taking my new Queen Bee chair along for an outing.

This is a new collaboration with talented, Bristol based, upholsterer,  Mel Shearsmith from A Peculiar Grace .

It’s a little nursing chair illustrating the transformation of flower to honeycomb via bee. My buttons (first designed for my improbable cushions -seen here on it’s seat) translate perfectly for upholstery projects . I worked with Mel to gather the information needed to design the placement pattern to fit the chair back . She provided the beautiful petrol coloured velvet for the seat and back of the chair and the yellow velvet piping and obviously did her magic to recover it.

queen bee chair side

queenbee chair

queen bee chair clp2

 I also thought I’d show off my other little project to design the fabric to make a sewing pincushion/caddy. It proved to be a very popular item at Living Crafts fair last month with many sewing enthusiasts.

I got the idea and pattern  from a blog called Sewing by Moonlight . I worked out how to  customise the pattern  to make the whole caddy look like a  rather psychodelic flower. I got the fabric digitally printed, sewed it up, stuffed it and is indeed a very useful, bright and beautiful thing.

I have more patterns in the pipeline and they will probably make their way to my Etsy shop which I very recently opened !

sewing caddy 2

ssewing caddy bottom

New Mirrors

flower burst large mirror2

I’ve just created a new edition of laser cut mirrors now in 4 different sizes

There are a couple of larger more elaborate ones

Each mirror is unique.

Pictured below are the biggest 45cm diameter

Please go to the drop down menu and look under Products to find Mirrors for images and details on more.

Must Bee related

big and small balls

I have redesigned and produced some mini Pollen balls ( which I first made for The New Brewery Arts group show last January, Second Impressions ). They are not like pets or children so they won’t grow any bigger ! but will always be there to squidge or prop you up if you are feeling a bit floppy! Or you could just put them on your shelf to brighten up a dark corner and the bees won’t actually sting you! I made them just  to remind you how amazing bees and pollen actually is ! Below you can see how I make them

mini pollen net forms mini pollen cush sew mini pollen buttons nearly finished pollen

Working Together

tower of m.pollen shades small fileI’ve just started using C.A.T. digital up in Glasgow to do my digital printing and I can’t say how pleased I am with the quality!  The bees on this print look like they are sitting on the lampshades. These are the three sizes of lampshade I currently make 25cm, 30cm and 40cm in diameter.  I’m thinking of making an even smaller bedside lamp size 20cm dia in this design too. To be honest, I  can’t wait to get some more fabric printed !

New flock cushions and more


30 x 50cm

Hand dyed flocked motif peacock and hex flock designs

Linen and cotton mix fronts

Velvet backs, piped and zipped

Feather inners


30 x 50 cm

Digitally printed fronts -medium pollen design

Velvet backs, pipped and zipped

Feather inners

I’ve been meaning to post some pictures of my new 30 x 50 cm sized cushions for a while but it’s just been full on for a couple of months ! I’ve already sold a couple but there are more printed and ready to be made into cushions soon.

Simon and I had a great North Bristol Arts trail two weekends ago and  I finished the Made in Bristol Gift fair yesterday -so that’s my last fair this year !

Digital device cases for iPads and  iPhones sold well on the weekend along with lots of lavender bags – good stocking fillers at £6 each

flocked digital device cases







lavender-bagsI can now catch up on lots of  business stuff before I stop for a breather over Christmas . There is the small issue of the Christmas shopping to do too of course and repainting the front room ! Christmas day – bring it on !

Merry Christmas!