The year of the Bat !

history repeating itself

I wrapped up 2015 making  a couple of hanging quilts the one above which I called History repeating itself is a combination of digital, screen printed and hand dyed pieces . All the portraits are bee related -some more obvious than others including the likes of Muhammad Ali, Napoleon, Cleopatra and Karl Von Frisch- who discovered the bee waggle. I think it’s got a rather ecclesiastical  feel to it and infact the screen printed flower motifs around the edge were inspired by encaustic tiles from the floor of St Davids cathedral.

I’m itching to get back into my studio and get on with some drawing of new designs for my new bat range of fabrics- yes you heard right !

I’m moving on to other pollenators ! I attended a fantastic lecture about echolocation last year and I’ve already come up with my first designs ( below) but I have a few more ideas which I need to get on with now- so watch this space!

bat lamp and cushion

I’m excited to have been made a member of Design Factory and look forward to all the opportunities that it brings in the coming year.There’s a few more events secured for the coming year but I’ll talk about them soon.