Un-stuffed and Quilted

hex quilt

This is my latest quilt which I have actually reconstructed from it’s original form as an enormous hand stitched pollen ball which you can see under the Textile Projects drop down menu in the Second Impressions section.
hex quilt back

Backed in a shimmery hand dyed bamboo and silk mix fabric. It measures just over 200cm by 65cm. The patches are a combination of hand dyed fabrics , cotton velvets, linen and linen and silk mix,  shantung silk and some digitally printed cotton pieces. I have also screen printed bees and hexagon shapes on some patches using a mixture of different coloured heat transferred flock and gold pigment.

The original piece was inspired by an article about french honey farmers, discovering that their bees were foraging in the unlikely waste vats of unused brightly coloured sugar syrup from a nearby M+M factory. This was effecting the colour of their honey which was tinged blue and green.

This idea that honey is the result of many bees foraging from many different sources seemed to lend itself to a patchwork of different colours and textures. The digitally printed pieces  of patchwork are sewn together to form  flower like forms  within the hexagonal  framework.