New flock cushions and more


30 x 50cm

Hand dyed flocked motif peacock and hex flock designs

Linen and cotton mix fronts

Velvet backs, piped and zipped

Feather inners


30 x 50 cm

Digitally printed fronts -medium pollen design

Velvet backs, pipped and zipped

Feather inners

I’ve been meaning to post some pictures of my new 30 x 50 cm sized cushions for a while but it’s just been full on for a couple of months ! I’ve already sold a couple but there are more printed and ready to be made into cushions soon.

Simon and I had a great North Bristol Arts trail two weekends ago and  I finished the Made in Bristol Gift fair yesterday -so that’s my last fair this year !

Digital device cases for iPads and  iPhones sold well on the weekend along with lots of lavender bags – good stocking fillers at £6 each

flocked digital device cases







lavender-bagsI can now catch up on lots of  business stuff before I stop for a breather over Christmas . There is the small issue of the Christmas shopping to do too of course and repainting the front room ! Christmas day – bring it on !

Merry Christmas!