Indigo and shibori

Today I spent a glorious day being taught how to dye with Indigo and got shown a few simple shibori techniques by the lovely Teresa Searle whose embroidery course I attended in the autumn, in Heat Space. Being new to it all and because of the nature of the technique, it was a hit and miss situation with some pleasant suprises.

shibori workshop shibori workshop 2 shibori workshop 3

I took a range of fabrics  cotton voile, a devore viscose velvet and cotton velvet and some linen and my favourite fabric at the moment, cotton organdie- which turned out to produce one of my favourite results. The devore velvet produced the deepest colour and looked the most luxurious and I really liked the results with the pre-dyed turquoise pieces. I also managed to tie dye my daughter’s long white shorts !

It will be interesting to try and add a bit of printed flock to them now. I need to put some bees or peacocks in to really put my mark on them ! I think that there could be a lot of scope with this technique as the patterns produced can be quite regular and geometric but still have that natural element of chance. I need to try and find the way of producing a hexagon pattern using this technique.